Pete St. John Inducted as ‘ Writer in Residence’ at Gibneys of Malahide

Read this and have a laugh on me! This is what we Irish call a good one! Gibneys is a truly legendary pub in the beautiful seaside village of Malahide on Dublin’s northern shoreline. Celebrated for its food, drink and live music entertainment, and only 8 miles from Dublin city centre, it is hugely popular. The bonus is that they sing a lot of my songs and have honoured me by displaying framed Pete St. John memorabilia on the walls of their ultra modern Hall of Fame. A big honour for me, so in return, I wrote a Gibneys drinking song! This was to launch their new exclusive members only G3 club. The song received a rousing reception where the big boss Tony Gibney declared me the official Writer in Residence! The bottom line is that I am now a Gibney Guy surrounded by lovely Gibney Girls at the G3 club- membership is free but you must be vetted by the boss! So please learn the song and keep me happy!

Pete and Tony on stage in Gibneys

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