October 2007

Autumn has come once again. Leaves to clear up and some summer madness to ponder about as the days get shorter. It all went so quickly and as usual, only half of the things that were planned got done and dusted!
What was to notice most over the last few months? Well… A lot more foreign workers everywhere. In hotels, restaurants, building sites, hospitals, calling at my door and my neighbours talking about it in a quiet, uneasy manner. It was more what their eyes and body language was saying. Ireland was losing its identity?

Failte Ireland! have we lost the plot?
And turned a blind eye to the rising tide
Of uninvited guests that never leave
And might outnumber us on every side!
It may not be cool or be pc
To question the new wisdom of the land
But there is a silent fear out in our streets
That maybe things are getting out of hand!?

Maybe there’s a song in all that? Can’t help feeling a bit like that myself at times. Then I think… hold on! you went abroad yourself at one time to work and see what another land could offer. And came home again oder, wiser and less judgemental? or did I? It’s always different when someone invades your own patch… I will have to think about that some more!… maybe we all need to think again!

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