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The Bells of Ireland:

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Well Folks ,The mystery of Mary Walsh has intrigued me so much that I have written a song about it entitled ‘THE BELLS OF IRELAND‘.

Download and listen to “The Bells of Ireland(c)” here now!

My sincere thanks go to Fred Rea of Irish Scene Magazine in Perth. Not only has Fred been an amazing supporter in getting my message out far and wide in my quest for information on Mary Walsh, he has become a true friend. In conjunction with Saint Music, the first publication of the lyrics of ‘The Bells of Ireland'(c) were featured in the Jan/Feb edition. Please visit his website for news from both sides of the world.


Pete needs your Help!!

Let me steal a moment of your time
To heed a little plea for help I need
To find the history of one woman’s life
And hope my song might sow a memory seed!

The fields of Athenry have tales to tell
Of famine times in Ireland of the past
We all have sung of Michael’s transportation
To Botany Bay as felon and outcast.
Now we find his loving wife and child
Abandoned to the Famine’s grisly hell
Were not the only ones who shared that fate
For James and Mary Walsh they did as well !
This Tipperary couple’s story tells
How Mary, just like Michael, was accused
Of stealing and then falsely judged as thief
And all her pleas of innocence refused.
This was no song fiction but the truth
And Mary Walsh a real and living soul
Was banished to Van Diemen’s Land in shame
Her family left behind in waiting role.
With her went her one year child, a girl
Surviving through four months on ship at sea
To Hobart Town to live without a voice
Or word of husband James or family.
After that its silence all the way
As if these people vanished in the night
Just one precious letter now to hand
To make us search and bring lost facts to light

So when you sing ‘The Fields of Athenry’
Please remember Mary Walsh and think
Do I know anyone or thing that might
Just bring to light a crucial Mary link ?
How strange it is one song can stir the soul
And maybe somewhere wake a sleeping tale
That when it’s told enhances who we are
So sing and think of Mary without fail !

Pete St John 19th June 2006

Special Note: The original article on the mystery of Mary Walsh by Lara Bradley can be viewed on Independent Newspapers website.

Summer 2007

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Currently I am trying to launch a song of awareness dealing with the international problem of “Drink Driving”. Wish me luck! Maybe a song will make all drivers on our roads think twice before getting behind the wheel after having some alcoholic drinks…. I sure hope so, as there are too many road deaths due to this problem every year!

It’s all up front and personal
And it drives the message home
Think about the lives you’re saving
And the first could be your own!

October 2007

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Autumn has come once again. Leaves to clear up and some summer madness to ponder about as the days get shorter. It all went so quickly and as usual, only half of the things that were planned got done and dusted!
What was to notice most over the last few months? Well… A lot more foreign workers everywhere. In hotels, restaurants, building sites, hospitals, calling at my door and my neighbours talking about it in a quiet, uneasy manner. It was more what their eyes and body language was saying. Ireland was losing its identity?

Failte Ireland! have we lost the plot?
And turned a blind eye to the rising tide
Of uninvited guests that never leave
And might outnumber us on every side!
It may not be cool or be pc
To question the new wisdom of the land
But there is a silent fear out in our streets
That maybe things are getting out of hand!?

Maybe there’s a song in all that? Can’t help feeling a bit like that myself at times. Then I think… hold on! you went abroad yourself at one time to work and see what another land could offer. And came home again oder, wiser and less judgemental? or did I? It’s always different when someone invades your own patch… I will have to think about that some more!… maybe we all need to think again!

A Holiday Message

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Almost the end of another year and sure it’s great to be alive! So Happy Christmas to you all and of course, a happy, peaceful New Year in 2008. I will be looking forward to bringing you more songs and stories and having you visit my website for news and updates in the coming months.

AND JUST ONE MORE THING… I will be launching a very special song in the early months of 2008… and it’s title is a good idea for everyone to take on board for the upcoming holiday festive season.

“Never Drink and Drive”

OK? So take care of each other and have a great, safe Christmas on the roads and at home with your families.

Blarney Quick Racing

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

I’m delighted to announce that has become associated with a motorbike racing company in America, called Blarney Quick Racing ( I am very excited about the plans for this company, having been given the title of ‘Official Scriptwriter’ for the website! Check back here soon for more news…

Blarney Quick Racing Logo

BlarneyQuick Races Forward

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

A short time ago while visiting in the USA, a whole new world of interest was created for me. The unique BlarneyQuick Racing Team was launched for motorbike fans across the world and the founder was my son, Kieron Mooney. It was like a dream come true for me as I experienced the thrill of seeing Kieron turn his life long love of motorbikes and permanent hobby into a pragmatic venture with a true business base. The whole ethos of the company is to have its supporters and clients share their bike information, ideas, experiences, dreams and stories on an ongoing basis at a central base. What a great idea!

In what seemed no time at all, the exciting website was installed and the immediate response was remarkable as hits came in from fans in the international bike world. I was honoured to be one of the first to have a little spin on the BlarneyQuick official Suzuki GSXR750 team machine. Then the Boss Man told me I would be expected to write a theme song for the BQ Company in the near future! That will give me something to think about!

The Boss Man will be in Ireland very shortly when he hopes to meet and interview Ireland’s top TT race champion Martin Finnegan, in company with the Irish BQ adviser Myles Lally.

I am off now to start really thinking about the BQ song… what rhymes with Suzuki?


Pete with the Boss Man!

The “Never Drink and Drive Song”; Progress update…

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

My “Never Drink and Drive” project is moving along right now and the recording of the theme song is almost complete. The studio work should be finished in a week or so after which we can get on with launching our important message to the world!

The National Road Safety Authority has come onboard the plan and will be playing a vital role in promoting the overall media end of things. Please watch out for our updates over the next few months…. you folks and fellow road users can help in a big way by having a listen to the song and maybe even singing the catch cry at your next family party!…. Never Drink and Drive!

Never Drink and Drive!

and we’re back!

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Due to a technical problem beyond our control, the website was down for nearly a week. BUT… because you are reading this on the site, the problem has now been resolved and everything is 100% once again!  Apologies for any inconvenience.

Webstore News!

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

My good friend and webmaster Ger Monks, is almost ready to launch the Pete St John Webstore on the net.  I am really up for the start of this adventure as it will allow me to bring a whole range of new items and elements of my work to world notice.  What do I mean?  Well there are many song and stories in my repertoire that have not yet seen the light of day… and this is my opportunity to correct that situation.  There are special compositions dealing with events of historical and current day interest that have happened in my life time which I have written about.  The canvas is large and comes not only in song but also in verse, prose, books, graphic art and music.  Some idea of the subject matter? OK!… Here we go…

  • Tara
  • Rwanda
  • Dublin Traffic ’08
  • Nashville Times
  • New York 911
  • The Birmingham 6
  • Remembering the Old Characters of Dublin circa ’40’s
  • The Holy Hour
  • The Omagh Tragedy
  • The Liffey Ferry
  • And a hundred more to tell you about!!!

Like I always say…  Songs are like magic carpets!…  come along for the ride!

St. Patrick’s Day ’08

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Another St. Patrick’s Day is here and once again across the world, everything goes Irish for our Special Day each year!!!

I will be here in my home town of Dublin celebrating everything that’s good about being an Irishman.  Our city is buzzing with festive cheer and decked out in all its grandeur to welcome visitors from all over the globe.  There are many great events planned in Ireland this week and many of my songs will get a joyous airing as the nation “drowns the Shamrock!”…  so to speak!!!

So I wish everyone a Happy St. Pats Day!!!… and don’t forget to sing a Pete St John song at all your events and parties…  ‘The Rare Ould Times’ is a good one!!!

Dia ghuit a gonai… agus beo fada…  Pete.

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